Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chakra Balancing

Balancing the Chakras

Science and technology have made great strides. However, there has been one very negative unforeseen side effect of this great progress ? people have either forgotten their spiritual needs or have relegated them to the background.
        Hindu thinking has kept this important idea alive and well; that of maintaining spiritual health and awareness even in this technologically advanced age in which we live.
        Our bodies are made up of seven primary Chakras and literally thousands of secondary ones. Chakra is a word which comes to us from the Sanskrit language and roughly translates to "wheel of light". Chakra is used to describe those energy centers in the human body which are, at least in a healthy person in a constant state of rotation.
        An imbalance of any of the Chakras can create a host of problems for your physical, mental and spiritual health. This is because a Chakra imbalance is indicative of an entire system which is out of alignment.
       Chakras are the points at which energy flows in and out of the body. These points can be thought of as the nerve centers of our life force. The seven primary Chakras run along the spine from the base to the top of the head ? the central dividing line of our bodies. These Chakras are responsible for transmitting and receiving energy.
Distortion in Chakras
       There can be a blockage in one or more of the Chakras causing energy to flow improperly resulting in an imbalance ultimately causing problems that manifest in the physical world.
Chakra distortion can be due to a variety of factors, including physical illness, a bad diet, stress and environmental toxins. A lack of physical activity can also cause this distortion, leading to blockage.
The Key to Health and Happiness Is Truly Found in Chakra Balancing
       While the ideal is for all Chakras to function completely and stay in balance with each other, this is not always the way things pan out in reality. People have always put effort into correcting distortion and placing their Chakras into a harmonious balance. Self-healing is in fact based, at least in part on Chakra balancing.
       Our glandular processes, thoughts, physical ailments, body shape, and behavior can be controlled by the chakras very easily. By balancing the chakras, we ensure that these limitations work to give us healthy minds, souls and bodies.

The known good effects of Chakra Balancing include:
* An overall sense of happiness and inner peace
* Good physical and mental health
* Coming into balance with the inner and out world
* Being sexually content without being lustful
* A better connection to and understanding of your emotional states
* Enhanced ability to both attract love and to express love
* Spiritual growth and a greater level of maturity
* Spiritual healing through higher patterns of consciousness, awareness, and acceptance
* Having an affectionate and kind heart
* Having wonderful confidence without being overconfident
* Realization of the True Self

What do you need to be successful with a chakra balance?
        Chakra balance sets in motion many new ways of thinking and perceiving the world around you. Attaining this balance in the Chakras can happen in many ways including:
* Medicinal therapy including Reiki
* Practicing yoga (along with breathing exercises) and meditation
* Increased physical exercise
* Light and color therapy
* Use of crystals and gems
*Utilization of hands and pendulums in balance
* Aromatherapy
*Utilizing touch therapy
* Maintaining an optimistic outlook
* Using sound frequencies that are binaural
* Practicing or using hypnosis and doing affirmations
          Our body is a natural reservoir of universal energy, with "used" energy being cleared out of the body by our internal organs and replenished by fresh energy entering through our Chakras.
          The idea of Chakra balancing is to ensure that our bodies store and use this energy the most efficient way, with every part of our bodies receiving as much of this energy as they need.
         When you're optimized in this way, you have health, happiness and inner peace naturally. In balancing your chakras, you simply bring them back to their natural state of frequency and vibration.

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